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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Legends, fear, and wonder.

Not far from my home town, near Mt. Misery Rd. there is a legend of an apparition which has haunted that area as far back as the earliest Native American stories of that place. First it was the Thunder Bird, but now it is called the Mothman, though this is a misrepresentation, it has never been described to look like a moth. Though it's large peering eyes alight with a predatory glare, have always been there to stare into our failures, and to revel in our suffering. It has always been seen with strange lights in the sky, and more often in later tales awkward men in black. The Natives would not go near the hill, and the majority are peculiar pine barrens. Wealthy people live in the surrounding area, and there are horse trails, knowing nothing of it and being there in the day still seems unnervingly wrong. Even if there is no more Thunder Bird something not right has left a scar on that part of the world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Can a will of Iron grasp what is Impossible.

His home land under siege by predators of the sky, can a people of agriculture and peace survive. And when fighting from the ground seems ineffective, can Ilya rise to defend the land of his people. Is the desire to win enough to secure victory, or will all the players in this tragedy fall down reaching for the sky.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pointillism and Portraits

Pointillism is one of those things many artists would refuse to do. Do you know why? Because it's a pain in the hand.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Other and the price of perfection and deception.

The ultimate in perfection of utility, stolen from his life and blackmailed into a job of  political homicide. Can one man robbed of everything find the leverage he needs to gain control of his puppet masters, will he reclaim his Identity? In all of this lay in question the soul of humanity and the social structure we have built, and the nature of the men who have conquered it for themselves.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The quest for Idealistic Utility.

In the search for the means to improve the human form for a specific function how far will the line be tread and will it ever exist again. Can a general who has seen total war, his body ravaged and weak, and his mind keen with experience be trusted. When he is powerful will he overtake us in an Iron Fist of oppression, or is he just a dog of war on a short leash? He must struggle with his war torn mind to see the puppet strings of his masters and the chains of his madness, resulting in confrontation with The Other.

Friday, June 10, 2011

From some where else, and a distant memory of an other life.

This is a body forced into life once more, struggling to cope with the life it might have had once but cannot comprehend it. At the same time it draws a parallel to the feeling of being alone, confronted with choosing to live now or chase the wind of memories. This sketch card is done in Ink and Marker and is part of a horror art series of original monsters.

I drew this before I ever even heard of ,"The Frankenstien Wheel," and if you have not read this book you need to it is beyond good.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Portraits and Memories

This is another portrait done by Vincent. I actually really love this portrait. The reason is simple. It's done from my favorite photo of my father. Vincent drew every detail perfectly. The shadows, the mustache, even the look in the eyes is exactly as I remember it. I never imagined it to be possible to do an ink portrait so perfectly, but alas. An interesting part is that the picture was actually of a very poor quality, it was very old, but Vincent was able to fill in all the gaps. A perfect gift, a perfect memory.

Do you have that special photo that has an ocean of memories attached?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. Happy, Sketch Card

Mr. Happy, the one, the only, the best. Sooooo... After I harassed Vincent, telling him to please, please, please write character descriptions so that I have something to work with, he went ahead and didn't do it. And this is why I will tell you about Mr. Happy. I actually know the whole story of this character, so I can do it, I guess... And if I tell something he didn't want to let you guys know yet, well, this is his own fault.

Mr. Happy's mother was a prostitute who was forced into it. She escaped and had a child. The people who kidnapped her and forced her to be a prostitute found her and splashed some lye in Mr. Happy's face. He was deformed ever since. He didn't really know the whole story about his mother and what happened to her until much, much later. Once he found out, he did what he could to punish those responsible, laughing while doing it. He isn't an insane homicidal maniac, he simply wants to see justice where justice is a rear commodity. He punishes those who are guilty and by doing it helps the victims.

Well, I hope I didn't give too much information. I can't wait to see the graphic novel when he is finally done with it. It's going to be a good story, I assure you. Unfortunately it's taking some time to get it done since there are a lot of pages and Vincent is a perfectionist who wants every page to look as good as possible.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monsters are not Always Black and White. Now Updated

I had a post for this one, I cleared it not sure if I should post it. Until then judge by actions and not appearances, Monsters are not always black and white.

Update: Decided to post it after all.

This post is not about how villains view themselves the hero of their own story, this is about being guilty of anything based upon appearance. I notice this is something done much in america, people always seem scared and dread the random stranger. Though I admit through what I have seen and experienced those who seem to be guilty of this the most are police officers, the people who should have the most control over such fear. And though I have been victim of this so often in my life from many varieties of people, I would like to know why cops go after blacks so much. There is no racial predetermination for the likely criminal, even household environments do not bar some one from doing good things. I disapprove of the conduct of elitists who make racist discrimination a policy in any business, including law enforcement. With this being said, not all cops are like this, and not all cops are racist when the badge comes off and blacks are certainly not monsters. I realize this is a touchy subject, but from where I can see this is what it looks like, and it pales my heart. Being that there is a way people are expected to look, some man could comb his hair, style it short, shave everyday, and ware nice business clothes but he would appear trust worthy. If he rapes women on the weekends no one would suspect him because he follows the social rules to look normal under the radar. This man is a Fiend not a monster, being a monster brings to itself more honor to be judged harshly for your appearance, and not for your deeds. I hope that this was read and understood in the intent it was to be followed. Judge by actions and not appearances, monsters are not always black and white.

Lets try to grow up and get along, life is better that way.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Vurm

This is a sketch card from my original monsters set, and is of a creature who in an art sense has followed me for more then a decade. It is not a physical creature in the sense it can not be grasped while we are awake, only when the mind is more abstract can this thing be perceived. It is a parasite which feeds on your belief in it's promises, but it is never what you think it will be and once it is under your skin it will never leave you. It is the lover you never wanted, and the part of your self you wish you didn't have but it will answer your hopes with the outcome you could never deny. He was in a dream I had when I was younger and I draw him from time to time, I guess the best way to describe him is to say he is like the feeling you get when you are young. You are tired but you don't want to leave the fair, and you shamelessly beg for one more ride on your favorite merry-go-round. On this ride you feel colder and colder as you spin, your throat hurts the more you cough but you refuse to leave. Until the living world fades from you and cold is all there is, that is what he is, The Vurm.
I have recently watched Peter Jackson's Bad Taste on youtube, and I don't know what to say. It could be very good film and not take It's self seriously, and be a comedy/horror/insane gore movie on a low budget. Or it could be a waste of time, I am a huge fan of older movies particularly horror titles so tell me what you think. And if you think you will be watching Lord of the Rings, take a rocket launcher and blow up your house because you won't be. Ha ha

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unwanted Monster, Horror Art Sketch Card

Frankenstein Monster... A misunderstood creature created my a man who should have never tried it. I've seen so many interpretations of this story and so many new twists to it. It's good to see how one story can make so many creative minds working, thinking, writing, painting, drawing, creating more and more to add to the classic story of Frankenstein Monster. This sketch card is one of those additions, done in ink and marker.

Btw, it's a limited edition of 20, so if anyone wants it, get it before they are all gone. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Worrior from Another World, Aliens and Horror Art

Ta-Da-Da-Da... Creepy alien will crush you... I think this one is amongst my favorite monster sketch cards from this horror art set. The reason I like it so much is probably because it's much more Vincent then the rest of the classical monsters from this set. Others had a well establishes look that you'd expect, it wasn't all from his head. This one is much more unique. This is more Vincent. This is much more warped and freaky, monstrous and sick.

Is the end of the world going to happen because of these cuties? Wouldn't it be cool if they landed on earth and killed us all? No? Oh... you just don't know what fun is... I think it's better to be killed by these monsters then by the skinny things with overgrown heads that aliens are usually portrayed as. Honestly, these look like they can do some damage, the usual aliens look like you can pop their head with a needle. Eureka!!! The world can be saved, we just have to arm ourselves with needles before those balloon heads invade...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nightmares and Art: what are we made of? part 1

"Nightmare of War"
When I was young, I had a nightmare of war I suppose, but a vision of fear and power it definatly was. There was a misty haze which carried ghostly lights,and distorted sounds through what appeared to be a muddy dead landscape.  Dead trees raked at the sky, and I heard howls of defiance cower into whimpering sobs, bellows of self pity lacking all empathy. I did not know why I was there but I could guess on eventual confrontation with something, and I was not armed very well. Wearing rags with only a hand axe and a long knife, standing  ready I could see it's approach through the oddly lit fog. I knew I must defeat it but I knew not how, It had seemed as though every confrontation was absorbed and hanging from it, a part of this thing. They all howled and mourned there contribution to this fiend, though they lusted in it's fulfillment of pain and eternal violence. This creature's fibrous sinew stretched and slithered with the intensity of every step, I could not figure the best approach, I was uneasy. This sensation was strangling my concentration, and risked me handling this foe stupidly and wild. If I was in one place for too long , the heavy flail would break me, his short sword was swift and could out fence me, and if I closed the distance his knife would pierce my heart. This is when I woke from this dream, I don't know what it means but it was creepy. I have always remembered this dream, I believe I was in middle school when I had this nightmare. If nothing else It allowed for an excellent background for this ink and marker drawing, giving it deeper meaning and making it far more haunting. How would you defeat the nightmare of war?

Evolution of an Idea

 I find with myself ideas usually start in a small piece, something crude and elemental. When they come from my dreams they are generally well developed but abstract, largely because they move in patterns of thought that are a reflection of my own perspective. So I wait, let the thoughts and images, character developing conversations roll in my mind. This usually happens with out my permission and at random, I generally have to store it in my head for later use, and if I don't let it flow out of me I could risk losing or distorting it. This is a tough process to describe because it doesn't happen in words it happens in thoughts, abstractions of reality which could be compared to chiseling  stone. The stone being strange and consisting of more dimension then my tools, trying to capture details like sand falling between my fingers. But these thoughts arrive at different times and characters do not always have depth right away and this is of course limited to my own perception.
 I have reigned in my wild Imagination to my control quite a bit in the last ten years, but the process seems all always to be the same. I have grown keener with experience, and more intelligent in my designs, in constantly straining to improve I have gained a richness and sophistication to my surreality.

However this brings up something else, the importance of self-criticism and your worst enemy. As in anything that I strive for excellence in I am incredibly thoughtful of every step, and analyze every mistake for valuable information. If I don't get something right, I scrap it and start over, the enemy myself. This is why, at a certain point in time I may be working on a project, my work may be sufficient for this project, however I notice all my mistakes. Break down all the flaws and try again, the point being the work was fine and for the sake of getting it done it should be left alone.
 This is not an unusual thing and I am sure many people deal with it, but it is my frustrating strength and weakness. The key to quick improvement, and the door to the destruction of long term projects which are my biggest goal. This is not a self confidence issue in the sense that I do not think I am good enough but rather, I think I am very good and can do better. It may sound the same but they are opposite of one an other, I think very highly of my work and I guess I am a perfectionist.

You can see the evolution of what I now call ," The Stolen Man," starting from the bottom with the newest on the top. Thank you for reading my post, and keep imagining.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baron, The Vampire. Horror Art Sketch Card

Vampires... there are so many legends about them and so much horror art depicting them. Legends about vampires are countless. Everyone knows they are scared of garlic and the wooden stakes and crosses and holy water and silver bullets and not being invited. Now here is something not every one knows. According to the legends it's not actually just any stick that can kill them, it's aspen. This is much like holy water and cross is related to Christianity. It is believed that Judas hand himself on the aspen, so this specific tree ended in countless legends and magical rituals as it apparently has some supper powers. Vampires are also believed to have an OCD about untying nuts and picking things up. It is advised to throw peas on the road between cemetery and nearest town so that the vampire, if there is one would end up spending all night picking up all those peas and will not be able to get to the town.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Me, Myself and My Portrait

 First of all I'd like to say, It's official now, I post here under my own name. And just so you all know exactly who I am, here is a portrait of me Vincent drew. Don't I look beautiful? Yes, I love complementing myself. As my father used to say "If you will not complement yourself, no one will."
But, enough about me, let's talk about Vin, it's his blog after all. Since I started with the portrait, let's talk about his portraits. He is used to drawing adults, it's very easy for him since he is used to facial structure. Not too long ago he was asked to draw a baby though and it was actually really interesting to watch. Not only was he drawing something he isn't used to, but he also had to change the position of the face. In order to do that he had to figure out the skeletal and muscle structure of the baby. He took the photographs he got for the reference and started redrawing it without skin. Yeah, it was a head of the baby with no skin. After playing with it for a little bit he decided he was ready to get to the final product. Drew it up, asked me if it's good, I told him to fix the eyes as they didn't seem to be quite right, he agreed with me (how could he not, women are always right), and got to work on the eyes. Finally he got them nailed and inked it. Portrait came out really well. It's a shame we didn't scan it in to post here, but who needs to look at a baby portrait when you have my portrait instead. I honestly have never seen anyone do pen and ink portraits before, it's usually ether pencil or paint, so I'm happy I got mine.

If you'd like to find out more about me and what I do btw, feel free to stop by my two blogs, Armada Volya's Art Corner and From The World Of Art and I'll be happy to share my own art and news with you.

Personal comic strip, Would you want one?

First I want to thank those who took my last post in the good spirit it was intended, Thank you.
Now lets talk about your personal graphic story, is it funny, noir, romantic, or is it a wanderlust in savage lands? Are you a zombie who does not fit in because instead of brains you want coffee? Are you a hero or a villain, maybe simply you just have Charlie Sheen's brain? You could be a lone warrior fighting for freedom in a cyber punk police state and then again you could be a rock star from Mars. It can be serious or funny which ever you would prefer, this particular one was funny notice the lawn Gnomes on the cyborg geese. All will come with a concept card giving a brief summary of the idea what is going on in your comic world, the one pictured is about lawn Gnomes who through a portal from their parallel faery dimension come to harvest toadstools for illegal purposes in their home world. There is only one woman who can stop them, armed with her dog who happens to be enhanced with armor and lasers against The Gnomes, who for some reason fly cyborg geese with rockets.
Email me with serious requests, and place the title of this post in your email. This particular piece went for $100 dollars + $20 dollars for it to be framed, I will charge for shipping as well however if its unframed it will not be much money. You will need to email me all references of what you want in the piece, and people will need at least a front view and a profile, please no low resolution images. Thank you for checking out my post, and think about your graphic story.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reality Check: special post-apocalypse UPDATE!

Okay so I will start this post by saying I am not a religious person nor do I care if you are, your religion is your business. I do feel that blind faith in anything is a core component of ignorance, and elitism is childish. Elitism meaning that you are god's chosen flock and there fore are better than anyone else, you are of a master race of supermen who will save the world and genetic impurities must be removed to keep the race pure, or coming from a wealthy family makes you better than someone less well off and the poor being human garbage, you can treat them as such. No, that is all bad and so is anything which resembles it.
With that being said, some one on march 16 into 17 (if I'm not mistaken) put this business card size pamphlet in the public restroom at my job. I have read the new testament so that could have a discussion about it with some Jehova's witnesses, and I will admit it was tough to sit through, judging it as a book I thought it was terrible. Though I don't recall May 21, 2011 being Judgement day,  it's probably not risky for organized religion to do this, largely because they have blind faith on their side, if nothing happens you just need to have faith or you just don't understand the ways of god. Logical thought and the scientific method are good tools of  thought based on questions, consistent results, and understanding what the information means. Creative problem solving is an important tool for surviving, and communication with written records allows us to progress further. But all this requires solving tough problems and not surrendering to something much easier, stopping somewhere and just accepting without question what is presented in front of you. (Intelligent questions of course) When you stop trying and give up this is what you get.

I am for equal rights for everyone of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. There is a lot of anti-homosexuality, anti-women, racism, and elitism in that sick book. I don't go door to door to tell you, that you will not find all the answers but a good place to start is the library, so don't tell me all the answers to all my questions are found in the bible, at my home or leave pamphlets at my job. I am not trying to offend anyone, but the sun has begun to rise in this post bible apocalypse and my nieghbors still make too much noise. So with cooperation and mutual respect, empathy too, I end my post. I hope to humanity's credit these traits rise to the top of all our methods of organization, Because I can do without blind faith.