Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nightmares and Art: what are we made of? part 1

"Nightmare of War"
When I was young, I had a nightmare of war I suppose, but a vision of fear and power it definatly was. There was a misty haze which carried ghostly lights,and distorted sounds through what appeared to be a muddy dead landscape.  Dead trees raked at the sky, and I heard howls of defiance cower into whimpering sobs, bellows of self pity lacking all empathy. I did not know why I was there but I could guess on eventual confrontation with something, and I was not armed very well. Wearing rags with only a hand axe and a long knife, standing  ready I could see it's approach through the oddly lit fog. I knew I must defeat it but I knew not how, It had seemed as though every confrontation was absorbed and hanging from it, a part of this thing. They all howled and mourned there contribution to this fiend, though they lusted in it's fulfillment of pain and eternal violence. This creature's fibrous sinew stretched and slithered with the intensity of every step, I could not figure the best approach, I was uneasy. This sensation was strangling my concentration, and risked me handling this foe stupidly and wild. If I was in one place for too long , the heavy flail would break me, his short sword was swift and could out fence me, and if I closed the distance his knife would pierce my heart. This is when I woke from this dream, I don't know what it means but it was creepy. I have always remembered this dream, I believe I was in middle school when I had this nightmare. If nothing else It allowed for an excellent background for this ink and marker drawing, giving it deeper meaning and making it far more haunting. How would you defeat the nightmare of war?

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