Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you Want to be a Hero?

This drawing is a sample of a portrait of a fantasy/comic book hero. I drew it yesterday from a picture of my wife. We were thinking about this character for some time now. This is a character called Lida of the Woods who is a child of the nature and fights to protect it. She has vines around one arm that she uses to block and attack. The other hand has a glove on it to protect that hand when she strikes with a dagger.

If if would like btw me to draw you as a fantasy character or a comic book character just send me a photo and a description of a character you want to become and the rest is up to me. For details go to my custom portrait post at Unnerving Nightmare shop

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have drawn portraits before, but haven't tried making a living of of it until now. Over the last few days I drew 2 portraits in different inking style and priced them according to the time it took me to draw them. At the moment they are actually very cheap as far as portraits go, in the future I'm planing to increase the price though, I mean honestly, $50 for a portrait? Thats just too cheap, but I have to start somewhere.