Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Legends, fear, and wonder.

Not far from my home town, near Mt. Misery Rd. there is a legend of an apparition which has haunted that area as far back as the earliest Native American stories of that place. First it was the Thunder Bird, but now it is called the Mothman, though this is a misrepresentation, it has never been described to look like a moth. Though it's large peering eyes alight with a predatory glare, have always been there to stare into our failures, and to revel in our suffering. It has always been seen with strange lights in the sky, and more often in later tales awkward men in black. The Natives would not go near the hill, and the majority are peculiar pine barrens. Wealthy people live in the surrounding area, and there are horse trails, knowing nothing of it and being there in the day still seems unnervingly wrong. Even if there is no more Thunder Bird something not right has left a scar on that part of the world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Can a will of Iron grasp what is Impossible.

His home land under siege by predators of the sky, can a people of agriculture and peace survive. And when fighting from the ground seems ineffective, can Ilya rise to defend the land of his people. Is the desire to win enough to secure victory, or will all the players in this tragedy fall down reaching for the sky.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pointillism and Portraits

Pointillism is one of those things many artists would refuse to do. Do you know why? Because it's a pain in the hand.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Other and the price of perfection and deception.

The ultimate in perfection of utility, stolen from his life and blackmailed into a job of  political homicide. Can one man robbed of everything find the leverage he needs to gain control of his puppet masters, will he reclaim his Identity? In all of this lay in question the soul of humanity and the social structure we have built, and the nature of the men who have conquered it for themselves.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The quest for Idealistic Utility.

In the search for the means to improve the human form for a specific function how far will the line be tread and will it ever exist again. Can a general who has seen total war, his body ravaged and weak, and his mind keen with experience be trusted. When he is powerful will he overtake us in an Iron Fist of oppression, or is he just a dog of war on a short leash? He must struggle with his war torn mind to see the puppet strings of his masters and the chains of his madness, resulting in confrontation with The Other.

Friday, June 10, 2011

From some where else, and a distant memory of an other life.

This is a body forced into life once more, struggling to cope with the life it might have had once but cannot comprehend it. At the same time it draws a parallel to the feeling of being alone, confronted with choosing to live now or chase the wind of memories. This sketch card is done in Ink and Marker and is part of a horror art series of original monsters.

I drew this before I ever even heard of ,"The Frankenstien Wheel," and if you have not read this book you need to it is beyond good.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Portraits and Memories

This is another portrait done by Vincent. I actually really love this portrait. The reason is simple. It's done from my favorite photo of my father. Vincent drew every detail perfectly. The shadows, the mustache, even the look in the eyes is exactly as I remember it. I never imagined it to be possible to do an ink portrait so perfectly, but alas. An interesting part is that the picture was actually of a very poor quality, it was very old, but Vincent was able to fill in all the gaps. A perfect gift, a perfect memory.

Do you have that special photo that has an ocean of memories attached?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. Happy, Sketch Card

Mr. Happy, the one, the only, the best. Sooooo... After I harassed Vincent, telling him to please, please, please write character descriptions so that I have something to work with, he went ahead and didn't do it. And this is why I will tell you about Mr. Happy. I actually know the whole story of this character, so I can do it, I guess... And if I tell something he didn't want to let you guys know yet, well, this is his own fault.

Mr. Happy's mother was a prostitute who was forced into it. She escaped and had a child. The people who kidnapped her and forced her to be a prostitute found her and splashed some lye in Mr. Happy's face. He was deformed ever since. He didn't really know the whole story about his mother and what happened to her until much, much later. Once he found out, he did what he could to punish those responsible, laughing while doing it. He isn't an insane homicidal maniac, he simply wants to see justice where justice is a rear commodity. He punishes those who are guilty and by doing it helps the victims.

Well, I hope I didn't give too much information. I can't wait to see the graphic novel when he is finally done with it. It's going to be a good story, I assure you. Unfortunately it's taking some time to get it done since there are a lot of pages and Vincent is a perfectionist who wants every page to look as good as possible.