Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Legends, fear, and wonder.

Not far from my home town, near Mt. Misery Rd. there is a legend of an apparition which has haunted that area as far back as the earliest Native American stories of that place. First it was the Thunder Bird, but now it is called the Mothman, though this is a misrepresentation, it has never been described to look like a moth. Though it's large peering eyes alight with a predatory glare, have always been there to stare into our failures, and to revel in our suffering. It has always been seen with strange lights in the sky, and more often in later tales awkward men in black. The Natives would not go near the hill, and the majority are peculiar pine barrens. Wealthy people live in the surrounding area, and there are horse trails, knowing nothing of it and being there in the day still seems unnervingly wrong. Even if there is no more Thunder Bird something not right has left a scar on that part of the world.

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