Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. Happy, Sketch Card

Mr. Happy, the one, the only, the best. Sooooo... After I harassed Vincent, telling him to please, please, please write character descriptions so that I have something to work with, he went ahead and didn't do it. And this is why I will tell you about Mr. Happy. I actually know the whole story of this character, so I can do it, I guess... And if I tell something he didn't want to let you guys know yet, well, this is his own fault.

Mr. Happy's mother was a prostitute who was forced into it. She escaped and had a child. The people who kidnapped her and forced her to be a prostitute found her and splashed some lye in Mr. Happy's face. He was deformed ever since. He didn't really know the whole story about his mother and what happened to her until much, much later. Once he found out, he did what he could to punish those responsible, laughing while doing it. He isn't an insane homicidal maniac, he simply wants to see justice where justice is a rear commodity. He punishes those who are guilty and by doing it helps the victims.

Well, I hope I didn't give too much information. I can't wait to see the graphic novel when he is finally done with it. It's going to be a good story, I assure you. Unfortunately it's taking some time to get it done since there are a lot of pages and Vincent is a perfectionist who wants every page to look as good as possible.

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