Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monsters are not Always Black and White. Now Updated

I had a post for this one, I cleared it not sure if I should post it. Until then judge by actions and not appearances, Monsters are not always black and white.

Update: Decided to post it after all.

This post is not about how villains view themselves the hero of their own story, this is about being guilty of anything based upon appearance. I notice this is something done much in america, people always seem scared and dread the random stranger. Though I admit through what I have seen and experienced those who seem to be guilty of this the most are police officers, the people who should have the most control over such fear. And though I have been victim of this so often in my life from many varieties of people, I would like to know why cops go after blacks so much. There is no racial predetermination for the likely criminal, even household environments do not bar some one from doing good things. I disapprove of the conduct of elitists who make racist discrimination a policy in any business, including law enforcement. With this being said, not all cops are like this, and not all cops are racist when the badge comes off and blacks are certainly not monsters. I realize this is a touchy subject, but from where I can see this is what it looks like, and it pales my heart. Being that there is a way people are expected to look, some man could comb his hair, style it short, shave everyday, and ware nice business clothes but he would appear trust worthy. If he rapes women on the weekends no one would suspect him because he follows the social rules to look normal under the radar. This man is a Fiend not a monster, being a monster brings to itself more honor to be judged harshly for your appearance, and not for your deeds. I hope that this was read and understood in the intent it was to be followed. Judge by actions and not appearances, monsters are not always black and white.

Lets try to grow up and get along, life is better that way.

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