Monday, May 30, 2011

The Vurm

This is a sketch card from my original monsters set, and is of a creature who in an art sense has followed me for more then a decade. It is not a physical creature in the sense it can not be grasped while we are awake, only when the mind is more abstract can this thing be perceived. It is a parasite which feeds on your belief in it's promises, but it is never what you think it will be and once it is under your skin it will never leave you. It is the lover you never wanted, and the part of your self you wish you didn't have but it will answer your hopes with the outcome you could never deny. He was in a dream I had when I was younger and I draw him from time to time, I guess the best way to describe him is to say he is like the feeling you get when you are young. You are tired but you don't want to leave the fair, and you shamelessly beg for one more ride on your favorite merry-go-round. On this ride you feel colder and colder as you spin, your throat hurts the more you cough but you refuse to leave. Until the living world fades from you and cold is all there is, that is what he is, The Vurm.
I have recently watched Peter Jackson's Bad Taste on youtube, and I don't know what to say. It could be very good film and not take It's self seriously, and be a comedy/horror/insane gore movie on a low budget. Or it could be a waste of time, I am a huge fan of older movies particularly horror titles so tell me what you think. And if you think you will be watching Lord of the Rings, take a rocket launcher and blow up your house because you won't be. Ha ha

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