Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Host, Horror art

Hello, this is an ink and marker sketch card I did for a horror art set of original monsters. There is a story behind this one as well, he is only a side character and this is going to require a bit of explaining. Imagine if you will a race  of insect like female creatures who require the use of technology and male hominids to reproduce parasitically.
They use technology to transmit sound frequencies to prospect host to make him angry, eventually gain control of host on some level. This eventually leads to host arriving at nest, he then is cloned with modifications better suited for young female creature. Full control over host's will occurs when he kills his former self, host being cloned with female creature inside performs drone functions of the nest. When it is time for birth host walks to the edge of the center nest, and the parasite liberates itself from its fleshy host as illustrated here. This is part of my Fire Heart world one story and is Copyrighted by Vincent Russell. On a funny side note back in 2006 I believe I would draw different scenes from this story on wrapped christmas presents and I think my aunt thought I was crazy.

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