Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal comic strip, Would you want one?

First I want to thank those who took my last post in the good spirit it was intended, Thank you.
Now lets talk about your personal graphic story, is it funny, noir, romantic, or is it a wanderlust in savage lands? Are you a zombie who does not fit in because instead of brains you want coffee? Are you a hero or a villain, maybe simply you just have Charlie Sheen's brain? You could be a lone warrior fighting for freedom in a cyber punk police state and then again you could be a rock star from Mars. It can be serious or funny which ever you would prefer, this particular one was funny notice the lawn Gnomes on the cyborg geese. All will come with a concept card giving a brief summary of the idea what is going on in your comic world, the one pictured is about lawn Gnomes who through a portal from their parallel faery dimension come to harvest toadstools for illegal purposes in their home world. There is only one woman who can stop them, armed with her dog who happens to be enhanced with armor and lasers against The Gnomes, who for some reason fly cyborg geese with rockets.
Email me with serious requests, and place the title of this post in your email. This particular piece went for $100 dollars + $20 dollars for it to be framed, I will charge for shipping as well however if its unframed it will not be much money. You will need to email me all references of what you want in the piece, and people will need at least a front view and a profile, please no low resolution images. Thank you for checking out my post, and think about your graphic story.

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