Monday, May 23, 2011

Me, Myself and My Portrait

 First of all I'd like to say, It's official now, I post here under my own name. And just so you all know exactly who I am, here is a portrait of me Vincent drew. Don't I look beautiful? Yes, I love complementing myself. As my father used to say "If you will not complement yourself, no one will."
But, enough about me, let's talk about Vin, it's his blog after all. Since I started with the portrait, let's talk about his portraits. He is used to drawing adults, it's very easy for him since he is used to facial structure. Not too long ago he was asked to draw a baby though and it was actually really interesting to watch. Not only was he drawing something he isn't used to, but he also had to change the position of the face. In order to do that he had to figure out the skeletal and muscle structure of the baby. He took the photographs he got for the reference and started redrawing it without skin. Yeah, it was a head of the baby with no skin. After playing with it for a little bit he decided he was ready to get to the final product. Drew it up, asked me if it's good, I told him to fix the eyes as they didn't seem to be quite right, he agreed with me (how could he not, women are always right), and got to work on the eyes. Finally he got them nailed and inked it. Portrait came out really well. It's a shame we didn't scan it in to post here, but who needs to look at a baby portrait when you have my portrait instead. I honestly have never seen anyone do pen and ink portraits before, it's usually ether pencil or paint, so I'm happy I got mine.

If you'd like to find out more about me and what I do btw, feel free to stop by my two blogs, Armada Volya's Art Corner and From The World Of Art and I'll be happy to share my own art and news with you.

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