Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baron, The Vampire. Horror Art Sketch Card

Vampires... there are so many legends about them and so much horror art depicting them. Legends about vampires are countless. Everyone knows they are scared of garlic and the wooden stakes and crosses and holy water and silver bullets and not being invited. Now here is something not every one knows. According to the legends it's not actually just any stick that can kill them, it's aspen. This is much like holy water and cross is related to Christianity. It is believed that Judas hand himself on the aspen, so this specific tree ended in countless legends and magical rituals as it apparently has some supper powers. Vampires are also believed to have an OCD about untying nuts and picking things up. It is advised to throw peas on the road between cemetery and nearest town so that the vampire, if there is one would end up spending all night picking up all those peas and will not be able to get to the town.

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