Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evolution of an Idea

 I find with myself ideas usually start in a small piece, something crude and elemental. When they come from my dreams they are generally well developed but abstract, largely because they move in patterns of thought that are a reflection of my own perspective. So I wait, let the thoughts and images, character developing conversations roll in my mind. This usually happens with out my permission and at random, I generally have to store it in my head for later use, and if I don't let it flow out of me I could risk losing or distorting it. This is a tough process to describe because it doesn't happen in words it happens in thoughts, abstractions of reality which could be compared to chiseling  stone. The stone being strange and consisting of more dimension then my tools, trying to capture details like sand falling between my fingers. But these thoughts arrive at different times and characters do not always have depth right away and this is of course limited to my own perception.
 I have reigned in my wild Imagination to my control quite a bit in the last ten years, but the process seems all always to be the same. I have grown keener with experience, and more intelligent in my designs, in constantly straining to improve I have gained a richness and sophistication to my surreality.

However this brings up something else, the importance of self-criticism and your worst enemy. As in anything that I strive for excellence in I am incredibly thoughtful of every step, and analyze every mistake for valuable information. If I don't get something right, I scrap it and start over, the enemy myself. This is why, at a certain point in time I may be working on a project, my work may be sufficient for this project, however I notice all my mistakes. Break down all the flaws and try again, the point being the work was fine and for the sake of getting it done it should be left alone.
 This is not an unusual thing and I am sure many people deal with it, but it is my frustrating strength and weakness. The key to quick improvement, and the door to the destruction of long term projects which are my biggest goal. This is not a self confidence issue in the sense that I do not think I am good enough but rather, I think I am very good and can do better. It may sound the same but they are opposite of one an other, I think very highly of my work and I guess I am a perfectionist.

You can see the evolution of what I now call ," The Stolen Man," starting from the bottom with the newest on the top. Thank you for reading my post, and keep imagining.

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