Friday, May 27, 2011

Worrior from Another World, Aliens and Horror Art

Ta-Da-Da-Da... Creepy alien will crush you... I think this one is amongst my favorite monster sketch cards from this horror art set. The reason I like it so much is probably because it's much more Vincent then the rest of the classical monsters from this set. Others had a well establishes look that you'd expect, it wasn't all from his head. This one is much more unique. This is more Vincent. This is much more warped and freaky, monstrous and sick.

Is the end of the world going to happen because of these cuties? Wouldn't it be cool if they landed on earth and killed us all? No? Oh... you just don't know what fun is... I think it's better to be killed by these monsters then by the skinny things with overgrown heads that aliens are usually portrayed as. Honestly, these look like they can do some damage, the usual aliens look like you can pop their head with a needle. Eureka!!! The world can be saved, we just have to arm ourselves with needles before those balloon heads invade...

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