Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruffian, Acrylic Horror Painting

Ruffian is another one of my 5x7 acrylic horror paintings. Mossy green skin and yellow eyes and teeth were my choice of colors for this creepy fellah.

I seal all of my painting with a protective layer to prevent accidental scratching. After a wall with my work fell before the art show, and none of my paintings got damaged I consider it a must. Added benefit of the seal is a shine that acrylic paint doesn't usually have.

I just turned ruffian into a postcard and greeting card in case someone want to get these and give it to... your grandma? At least that's what I would do if I didn't want to be invited to any family gatherings ever again.

Now I just have to turn the rest of these cute little guys into greeting cards. Till then, you can always buy originals.

Friday, April 29, 2011

He Who Lets Evil In, Horror Painting

He Who Lets Evil In is a horror painting done with acrylic paint on 5x7 canvas panel. This is from a series of paintings all done on the same size panel. I'll be posting the rest of this nightmareish art in the near future.

I decided to paint these small paintings after I got so much good feedback on mirrors I did earlier. I decided to paint a smaller and more affordable versions since many of my fans don't have enough money to be able so drop a few hundred dollars on a painting. With these I can keep my fans happy and keep on doing what I love most, horror and fantasy arts of all shapes and sizes.

Just added this one to my red bubble, it can not be purchased as a post card or greeting card.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cyn-thet-ica, T-Shirt with Fantasy Art

Cyn-thet-ica is my latest t-shirt design as of today at least. This is another fantasy character I created. This t-shirt is available in a few colors, depending on what you prefer.
First I would like to thank everyone who have taken an interest in my work, thats very cool of you. Now for the symbols, the bird is the Phoenix and represents life from death, and is placed above all as a standard for the conquering of death with rebirth. The Onk to the right has several meanings, first the circle represents the endless struggle of life to survive no matter what, devouring It's own tail. The tautan cross part symbolizes a bladed barbed weapon in which unwavering faith in an ability to succeed in slaying death will lead to victory, the enemy being represented in the last icon on the bottom. They each represent different aspects of the same Idea, however there is a story to this as well. Cyn-Thet-Ica is a side character in one of a series of stories in Fire Heart (copyrighted), all this applies directly to her life. At a young age as a queen, she had to make the toughest decision of her natural life. To save herself and all her people from a chemical weapon set into motion by an imperialistic robot nation. Forgoing their carbon based bodies for synthetic ones, so that they may survive genocide and thrive to claim victory over their attackers.