Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acrylic Fantasy Painting. Talon, The Teeth and Wisdom.

This is a fantasy painting, based on a concept about an elf who wakes up believing that the war he was a soldier in, still continues. He discovers that both sides were the same and the means for a third party to gain power. When this elf discovers the political leader he fought for is part of this third party, he attempts assassination only to discover two others with as much reason as him to kill the political traitor: a dwarf and a halfbreed of super intelligent telepathic forest cat and domestic breed. This cats name is Wisdom and is the closest thing to being the last of the full breed forest cats. The elf becomes his Talon and the dwarf is dubbed The Teeth. Together they flee a failed assassination into the enchanted mushroom wilds, This is what I had hoped to capture with this acrylic painting. If you enjoy good fantasy art then I believe you will love my work, this is the first in a series acrylic paintings and Illustrations based on this concept.

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